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For Whom We Do It

Our Company Philosophy

At Maryland Financial Planners, Ltd., we are a leader within the industry with the way we provide financial planning services. How? By being associated with a national organization offering fee-based financial planning focused on providing comprehensive financial planning for the affluent. Our primary product is our sound advice and solutions; financial products and services are secondary.

Our company philosophy is to do whatever is required to get our clients to take the actions necessary to put their financial affairs in the appropriate order. We believe in service - first, last and always. We believe that long-term client relationships are more important than short-term gains, and will never sacrifice the former for the latter. We place a premium on relationship building, not product selling. That's why we encourage our financial planners to develop one-on-one relationships with their clients. We believe that our role is to promote trust between our partners and their clients by not getting in the way, but instead by providing support and an environment in which to succeed and to build long-term, revenue-generating relationships.

The professional financial advisor in our organization is able to provide creative, "one of a kind" solutions -- and build a practice that is rewarding, both personally and financially. That's why we can say, with confidence, that Lincoln Financial Advisors is the partner of choice for high quality, fee-based financial planners. So if you want to be unfettered by bureaucratic goals and objectives, to be allowed freedom to think outside the box, to revel in the knowledge that you can control your own destiny, and are ready to take the step to take your practice to the next level, contact Lincoln Financial Advisors.